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The Tirthan Valley was, till a few years ago, one of the hidden gems of Himachal. Recently it has seen an ever increasing number of visitors eager to enjoy its pristine beauty and laid back atmosphere. The valley lies in the eco zone to the Great Himalayan National park and boasts of healthy mixed forests and a pristine clear glacial stream, and is a delight for nature lovers, trekkers , birders , cycling enthusiasts and anglers. A well timed and organized protest in the early 2000’s resulted in the valley being saved from the devastating effect of hydroelectric projects and today the stream runs free of any barriers to interrupt its flow.

 Shefali and Christopher left Delhi in 2000 to move to the Tirthan. The Himalayan Trout House, established in 2002, is the first registered guest house in the valley and was the only one in the valley for over a decade before others were inspired to emulate. Originally conceived as a watering hole for fly fishing enthusiasts we now attract a range of visitors with a diversified interests, many of whom will return year after year, some even several times a year, to what they consider their home away from home.

Shefali and Christopher live on the premises and take extra care to personally interact with their guests and supervise all operations to ensure your stay is pleasant and meaningful.

“… This is absolutely my favourite place in the Valley to have dinner. Exceptional service and high quality food…”

Christine Pemberton