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The Bodhi Store

Herbal gardening

There are many
definitions to the word
'herb', none altogether satisfactory... More

The Bodhi Store is an inhouse gift shop at the Trout haouse. It carries a range of eclectic items from leather bags and hats to essenses and candles to wild honey and herbal vinegars. The unique items have been specially selected and customised giving a creative touch to a very local flavour. Every year the Bodhi store has something new to offer and for you to enjoy.

  • Incense and Burners
  • Leather and cloth hats
  • Scented and beeswax candles
  • Hemp and leather handbags
  • Organic jams and wild honey
  • Apricot massage oil
  • Herbal Fruit vinegar

Contact us at christophermitra@hotmail.com

Created by Manav Agarwal

Joint controller Daniel Abraham (Retd)