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Starting Off with 'Putias'

Now while learning how to fly fish might take some time and special arrangements, however if you have never fished and would like to start on something simple, here's how you might go about it.

The sides of most lakes and ponds will have some small fingerlings (mainly carp) hanging around, feeding off leaves and reed and stuff. A fingerling is a finger sized young fish otherwise in local fishing parlance known as the `putia'. These may be easily caught on tiny atta balls by the tens and even the hundreds, and makes for an entertaining Sunday morning Competition, given you keep this nutty kind of company.

The way it goes is this.. You set up a line (as described below), put on a tiny bit of atta paste (also described below) and you're off. The `putia will begin to bite in a few seconds, but to get them you're timing must be right. Keep the atta ball really tiny so that they can take it whole(you don't want them just nibbling on it) and then tug on the first indication or else they've got your atta!

It helps to throw in a few balls of the bait around the area you intend to fish. This will attract the little guys from all over. For slightly larger `putia' cast a few feet further into the lake with the float up higher.

You can store the `putia' in a plastic pail or a matka to keep score. Remember to put water into the pail so that they're still alive when you want to let them go. No fun in killing babies. This is great stuff with the kids, so make sure there are a few around.

Around Delhi ( which I am familiar with ) your venue could be Surajkund, Batkal or Damdama. But I'm sure waterbodies like these exist all over the country. At the places mentioned there used to be licensing offices when I was there last.. Ask around. But if there isn't just go ahead.. Maybe they just gave up and closed shop.

Setting up the 'putia' rod and line.
You need
1. A flexible stick (bamboo is fine) about 4-6 foot long.
2. Some monofilament nylon line (thinner the better) about the length of the rod and a little left over to tie the knots.
3. A tiny hook (less than a centimeter, the smaller the better).
4. A strike indicator (something that floats like a piece of stick; better still, the quill of a feather or a piece of cork).
5. A weight. (a tiny piece of lead or a tiny nail)
6. Some bait. Knead a handful of atta into a ball mixed with something smelly like `hing'. Then break it up into smaller balls and you could boil these for a few minutes to stiffen them and help them stay on the hook while you fish.

Now you tie the line to the one tip of your rod ( a few shoelace knots will do…just make it firm) and the hook to the other end of the line ( You should try and make the hook and line fall in a straight line). And attach your weigh an inch above the hook. Tie on the float (strike indicator) about 8 inches to a foot above the hook (the sides of ponds are not deep…slippery but not deep…usually). Try it out in a bucket of water. Your indicator should float on the surface and not be tugged under by the weight. And when you're at the venue the tiniest bit of bait just at the very tip of the hook.

Best of Luck! Have a nice life!


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Created by Manav Agarwal

Joint controller Daniel Abraham (Retd)